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Does the young lady know Mr. Darcy? — Only a little.
Do you not think him a handsome man, miss? — Yes. Yes, I daresay he is.

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STORY TIME KIDS. Lucas Grabeel who played Ryan Evans was 100% for making Ryan canonically gay, and spoke to Kenny Ortega at length to get Ryan to at least hold hands with a male student in the final scene. Grabeel is straight but thought it was so important for Disney viewers to see gay characters on TV, knowing that the HSM3 viewership was age 11+, when kids may start thinking about who they’re attracted to a bit more. basically Disney gave Lucas a flat out no and as a response wrote in Ryan’s relationship with Kelsi last minute (as speculation was already flying around about Kelsi being a lesbian). so even though disney screwed them over ortega told grabeel that he could do whatever he liked in the blooper reel and they’d include it in the DVD. hence above.

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Glow In The Dark Fairy Ear Cuff

A small crystal is hung from the upper tip of this lovely ear cuff, which is shaped to resemble a fairy. Requires an ear lobe piercing to be worn, and glows bright blue in the dark. Sold on Etsy.